Tuesday, May 28, 20249:00 PM(View: 15)
Nguồn: Spiritdaily.com Nếu các bậc tổ tiên của chúng ta đã từng là kẻ trộm, kẻ sát nhân, kẻ nghiện rượu, kẻ ngoại tình, kẻ thực hành tà thuật thì có thể chúng ta sẽ phải đền tội thay cho họ. Những tội lỗi này được thể hiện trong nhiều...
Tuesday, May 28, 20248:08 PM(View: 15)
Nguồn: Ecclesiasticus Cor Iesu Sacratissimum Bậc Đáng Kinh Mary thành AGREDA là một trong những nhà thần bí lớn lao nhất của thế kỷ thứ 17. Bà là một nữ tu Dòng Phanxico, nước Tây Ban Nha. Bà được ơn là có nhiều thị kiến Thiên Đàng và nhiều cảm nghiệm thần bí cao trọng.
Monday, May 27, 202411:51 AM(View: 44)
Nguồn: Catholic Saint Of The Day Thánh Philip bị ma quỷ tấn công hàng ngày, nhưng Đức Mẹ Maria luôn trợ giúp ngài thoát khỏi nanh vuốt của ma quỷ. Thánh Philip Neri vốn là một vị linh mục thánh thiện trong thế kỷ thứ 16. Ngài nổi tiếng vì sự thánh thiện của ngài.
Sunday, May 26, 20248:20 PM(View: 39)
Ngày hôm qua, 25/5/2024, một người bạn gái thời Trung Học đã cùng chồng bạn đến thăm gia đình tôi. Cô bạn tôi đang ở tiểu bang Ohio và ở nơi một vùng quê hẻo lánh và yên bình.
Sunday, May 26, 20247:29 PM(View: 39)
Một người trẻ kể càm nghiệm đau buồn của gia đình: Mẹ của tôi qua đời lúc vừa mới 52 tuổi vì bịnh ung thư. Lúc ấy tôi còn nhỏ nên thương tiếc mẹ vô cùng. Tôi nhớ khi ấy dường như mẹ tôi đã chết rồi nhưng khi nghe tiếng tôi khóc và gọi bà thì bà tỉnh dậy. Rồi bà dịu dàng nói
Saturday, May 25, 20242:01 PM(View: 44)
Nguồn: Ecclesiasticus Cor Iesu Sacratissimum Thánh Veronica Giuliani đã cứu người bạn nữ tu khỏi lửa hoả ngục. Bà Thánh cũng được Chúa cho nhìn thấy luyện ngục. Thánh Veronica có đặc ân là được...
Saturday, May 25, 202412:14 PM(View: 42)
Nguồn: Ecclesiasticus Cor Iesu Sacratissimum Thánh Veronica Giuliani đã cứu người bạn nữ tu khỏi lửa hoả ngục. Bà Thánh cũng được Chúa cho nhìn thấy luyện ngục. Thánh Veronica có đặc ân là được Chúa Giêsu ban thêm cho một Thiên Thần Bản Mệnh nữa. Bà đã liên tiếp bị ma quỷ đánh phá tơi bời. Các thiên thần bản mệnh của bà đã đi cùng bà để đến...
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Lạy Cha Trên Trời, con cảm tạ Cha luôn thương yêu con. Con cảm tạ Cha đã gửi Con Chí Thánh của Cha là Chúa Giêsu Kito Đến thế gian để cứu con và giải thoát con. Con tin tưởng nơi quyền năng và ơn lành của Cha gìn giữ con và phục hồi con. Lạy Cha Từ Ái, xin Cha đụng chạm đến con với Bàn Tay Chữa Lành của Cha ngay lúc này.
Thursday, May 23, 20244:11 PM(View: 62)
Nguồn: Spiritdaily.com Sau đây là 6 kinh mạnh thế để cầu cho các linh hồn luyện ngục. Xin đọc mỗi ngày trong suốt cuộc đời:
Thursday, May 23, 202412:42 PM(View: 42)
Thánh Teresa thành Avila khi cầu nguyện chuỗi Kinh Mân Côi để cầu cho các linh hồn thì bà nhận được thị kiến về luyện ngục.

4 Powerful Prayers for the Unborn

Tuesday, December 1, 20209:29 PM(View: 1063)

me154 Powerful Prayers for the Unborn


1. A Prayer about Abortion
Lord, you are the Creator of all things; you breathe life into every human before they leave the womb. Lord, we don't know how to stop something this horrible on our own; it is devastating that abortion has weaved its way into many people's minds as an acceptable choice. Please stop the enemy's lies from seeping into the minds of the confused, take away the voice of the wicked.

Help us to have compassion on the women who made or were forced to make this horrifying choice and are now suffering the consequences. Surround them with Your love and remind them that Your sacrifice covers even this and that those who belong to You are free in Christ from the guilt of every sin. Break the chain of guilt in those who have repented before You, revive them to live their life knowing true joy in You. May their changed lives speak volumes about the amazing power of Your forgiveness and love.

Help us to remember the unborn who are unwanted and tossed aside every day; help us to be a light in a world of darkness. Give us opportunities to love people and present the truth of Your Word, use us to offer alternative options to women in desperate situations. Jesus, You have the power to change hearts; we pray for the women considering this option - help them to see there is another way.

We pray for our government to change laws and close the doors of abortion clinics. We pray for a renewal of family and faith in the world, and may the Church come alongside single parents and families in need, helping to raise these children for Christ. In your Almighty Name, Jesus, by which all things are possible. Amen.

2. A Prayer for Your Unborn Baby

God, you see my baby in my womb. You know her every detail, every muscle, every bone, every bit of her beautiful body, mind, heart, and soul. No matter how she is formed, she is beautiful and she is beloved by you. Grant me peace throughout this pregnancy, that I would surrender every worry or fear to you. May I take heart, knowing you have overcome the world and made a way for us to be near to you in heaven someday and on earth here now. No matter what comes, be near, Jesus. Bring comfort and peace, bring blessed assurance. In your name, Amen.

3. A Prayer for the Sanctity of Life

Dear Heavenly Father,

You are Creator of all and the Giver of life. You have created humankind in your image to reflect your glory to the world, and we praise you for the work your hands have done. On this Sanctity of Human Life Sunday, we mourn that many of your precious sons and daughters have lost their lives too soon. We grieve their absence today and every day.

We are broken people, and we have all sinned against you in so many ways, and we pray that today would be a day of repentance and forgiveness. We humbly come before you knowing that all of us have fallen short of your glory, and we ask that you would forgive us of our sins through the blood of Jesus Christ. Restore us to right relationship with you. Open our eyes, our hearts, our minds, and our hands as we seek to serve you and glorify you through our love for one another. Transform us into new creations. May we truly be your hands and feet in our world, serving others like Jesus came to serve, loving others like we are to love ourselves.

Jesus, you made a way for us where there seemed to be no way. We pray today that you would breathe new life into us. We pray you would increase our empathy, compassion, and love for our neighbors, no matter their age, race, ability, background, or need. We pray we would be people whose hearts echo your own heart for your people—be our strength, Holy Spirit.

Help us to be champions of life, Jesus. Strengthen us and equip us to do your work in our communities, our nations, our world. May we stand for what you have taught us, and may we give you glory in all that we do.

We love you and praise you on this day and every day, Lord. Thank you for the gift of life. Help us to protect and preserve it in every way we can. May your will be done on earth as it is in heaven. In your holy and mighty name, Amen.

4. A prayer for the child in your womb

Anna O'Neil - published on 11/28/17

I consecrate this child to you with great confidence ...
Eternal God and Father, who has instituted the sacrament of marriage, and blessed us with the precious gift of family and fertility, I thank you with all my heart for the mysterious gift of this child within me, whose soul is already eternal and complete, even as the little body grows and forms.

Everything I am and everything I have comes from you and depends on you. In your love, sustain this fragile life within me, even as you have sustained me through the years. Make my body a safe and nurturing environment for your new child, until I welcome this new life into the world.

Jesus, savior of my soul, during your own life, you yourself were once so utterly dependent on your mother’s womb for the protection it offered. When you were grown, you showed us your special love for children, taking them into your arms and calling us to turn and become like they are. Take my own child into your arms. I consecrate this child to you with great confidence, entrusting what is closest to my own heart to your own most sacred heart.

Be kind to me, Lord, at the moment of this child’s birth, and guard both of us from harm. Mother Mary, conceived without sin, be with me, guiding me, as I begin the great work of caring for and raising this child, who belongs in the end, not to me, but to your Son. Teach me to love this child with your own perfect motherly love, and keep us both in your care until we reach our final home.

O strong and holy St. Joseph, and you, our Guardian Angels, guard my family and lead us together home to Christ, where we may eternally praise and thank him for the gift of our lives. Amen.